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Wi-Fi 6: A Robust Home Networking Solution

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Experience Optimal Smart Home Performance with an Upgraded Network

Home networking is an essential component that plays a central role in the overall performance of your smart home. Sub-standard networking solutions often cause buffering or don’t provide coverage throughout the house and can downgrade your daily life. 

That’s why upgraded solutions, such as Wi-Fi 6, have been introduced to the market, allowing homeowners to benefit from high-speed internet and complete coverage throughout the house. Wi-Fi 6 provides a much higher download speed than its predecessors, resulting in better smart home performance and an enhanced internet experience. 

So, let’s look at some of the top features of Wi-Fi 6 that make it a must-have solution for your home in Westport, CT. 

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Better Load Distribution Capabilities

In the past, smart homes involved ten smart devices at most. But today, as more and more convenient solutions come to the forefront, the application of IoT in homes has increased significantly. Most spaces are equipped with 50 or more smart devices. As more devices are integrated with the home networking system, the overall load increases. Consequently, your networking system can fail to distribute the load evenly, which negatively impacts the internet speed. 

Fortunately, with Wi-Fi 6, this isn’t an issue. The system has been designed with smart homes in mind, allowing you to add as many devices as you want without disrupting the internet speed.

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA)

Orthogonal frequency division multiple access, or OFDMA for short, is an inherent feature of Wi-Fi 6 that allows you to simultaneously download data to multiple devices—even if that data isn’t all the same. In this way, it allows for much greater network loads.

As smart technology continues to evolve, standard home networking solutions fall short of delivering the internet experience that smart spaces demand. But with Wi-Fi 6, all congestion problems are easily resolved with better bandwidth allocation. As a result, the efficiency of your home network gets a much-needed boost.

An Exceptional Streaming Experience

One of the main applications of the internet at home is streaming HD content. Whether you want to watch your favorite movie or TV show or conduct a video conference from your home office, a buffer-free experience is crucial. But your network speed suffers when you’re streaming in 4K or 8K resolution, especially when more than one thing is being played simultaneously. 

However, Wi-Fi 6 uses increased memory and ultra-fast processors to ensure high-speed connectivity, allowing you to get through video conferences, HD streaming, and more without hiccups. 

Advanced networking solutions deliver the performance that smart homes demand. Equip your home with Wi-Fi 6 to unlock a truly smart experience. Reach out to Digital Home Systems to get started by calling us at (914) 939-7000 or filling out an easy online contact form

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