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Control4 Panelized Lighting: Should I Go Wireless Or Panelized?


The Pros and Cons of Both Smart Lighting Systems

Smart lighting has become quite popular lately. Even though it has existed in various forms for decades, the technology has now developed to the point where it transforms the way people interact with their home’s lighting systems. Homeowners recognize how it significantly adds luxury and convenience to their lives. They enjoy complete control over every light in their homes by simply touching a button on a touchpad or smartphone app.

Are you considering smart lighting? You may need help choosing the right Control4 lighting system for your home in Westport, CT, or the surrounding area. In this blog we will discuss the pros and cons of wireless and panelized lighting. What are they, and which one is best?

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Add More Music to Your Life with a Whole-Home Sound System


How Installing a Multi-Room Audio System Elevates Your Lifestyle

Fill your home with the songs you love. When you have a multi-room audio system in your home, the music follows you. Listen to your favorite songs unencumbered by earbuds and without being confined to one room. Upstairs, downstairs, inside, and outside, your home speaker system is fully accessible anywhere, delivering amazing sound quality wherever you go.

At the same time, you will never worry about volume knobs, speaker adjustments, or unsightly wires, because everything is tucked away – out of sight and out of mind. Instead, you have complete control with your smart home touchpad, remote, or smartphone. Read more to learn why a whole-home sound system is the ideal upgrade for your home in Bedford, NY, or the surrounding areas.

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