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Control4 Panelized Lighting: Should I Go Wireless Or Panelized?


The Pros and Cons of Both Smart Lighting Systems

Smart lighting has become quite popular lately. Even though it has existed in various forms for decades, the technology has now developed to the point where it transforms the way people interact with their home’s lighting systems. Homeowners recognize how it significantly adds luxury and convenience to their lives. They enjoy complete control over every light in their homes by simply touching a button on a touchpad or smartphone app.

Are you considering smart lighting? You may need help choosing the right Control4 lighting system for your home in Westport, CT, or the surrounding area. In this blog we will discuss the pros and cons of wireless and panelized lighting. What are they, and which one is best?

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Panelized Lighting for Centralized Control

Perfect for new homes or existing homes that require a major remodel, panelized (or centralized) lighting systems offer the ultimate control. Unlike most homes with multiple wall switches and dimmers in each room, a panelized system requires none. You control all the lights through stylish multi-function keypads, touchpads or smart devices. Integrated perfectly with your Control4 smart home, an automated lighting system makes light control easy, sleek, and fun.

Set lighting scenes in your touchpad for each room or occasion, such as “movie night,” “dinner,” or “party time.” When it is time for the grand event, simply push a button, and the lights adjust automatically to your specifications. In addition, a panelized lighting system can control any number of lights – 100, 200, and many more. Wireless systems usually have a max of about 200.

Unlike a typical home’s lighting infrastructure, a house with a panelized lighting system is quite different. Power from the breaker box is routed to a Control4 panel. That is essentially where the light “switches” are (not in individual rooms). A panelized solution reduces the number of switch boxes to reduce wall acne in the home and result in a more reliable solution. It is a convenient, sophisticated, and high-tech way to light your home.

Smart Wireless Lighting Systems

Ideal for existing homes, wireless systems offer the automated lighting you want without the expense of retrofitting your entire home. Because a panelized system works differently than your existing lighting infrastructure, installing one would be a massive undertaking. However, a wireless system uses your home’s existing wiring systems. So, there is no need to tear out walls, reroute wiring, and make a mess of your living space in the process.

Wireless lighting allows you to use your touchpad, phone, or on-wall controls if you desire. If you have a panelized system and want to switch back to a manually controlled system in the future, the entire home would need to be rewired – not something that is very convenient or cost-effective. Wireless lights make it easy for you to use manual control or wireless control whenever you want.

The system works by using a Wi-Fi hub or bridge to relay signals to your router and to different lights and lighting systems in your home. There is no need for complicated rewiring. You can adjust the hue and intensity of individual light bulbs. Like a panelized system, you can also set up schedules for lights to switch on and off at certain times. The main drawback of a wireless system is that it is not hardwired into your home, and you will still have 4-gang, 5-gang, or larger switch boxes on your walls.

If you would like more information about wireless and panelized systems, reach out to one of our lighting experts and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Get started with your smart lighting project. Call Digital Home Systems or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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