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Why Control4 Is Our Favorite Part 3: R&D and Integration


Even More Compelling Reasons to Choose Control4 for Home Automation

Control4 is obviously our favorite choice for state-of-the-art automation and networking systems. If you’ve read Part 1 and Part 2 of our four-part blog series, you will understand why. Not only does Control4 provide the most advanced and reliable automation products, but they also offer the broadest range of solutions for audio-visual, climate control, security, lighting control, remote monitoring, and much more.

In Part 3, we want to go a little more in depth into why Control4 is able to stand out from its competitors like Savant through extensive product development and integration. As the leading home automation company in Greenwich, CT and the surrounding areas, we help you take full advantage of Control4’s robust and reliable offerings.

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State-of-the-Art Product Developments

Control4 is constantly innovating with smart products and technologies that take their offerings to a whole new level. Below are three examples of recent products that have transformed the smart home experience.

One of them is Intercom Anywhere, which allows you to stay connected to your smart home and family through their doorstations.. Check on the kids, see who is at the door, and make house calls whether you are at home or away from home. Intercom Anywhere helps you connect, communicate, and control like never before.

Control4’s new and robust user interface is OS3. We discussed this in Part 1 of our blog series. The OS3 software offers home automation personalization at the highest level through a user-friendly interface. If you know how to operate a computer or smartphone, then this will be a breeze for you. You can control anything by the touch of a button – TV streaming services, whole-home audio, AC and heat, automated door locks, security system, interior and exterior lighting, and anything else that is connected. OS 3 then allows you to choose your favorite features and rooms for easy access.

To make it even easier for you, Control4 recently introduced the Neeo remote. It leverages the full power and functionality of your OS3 system. Not only is it sleek looking and modern, but it puts all the features of the OS3 in the palm of your hand. Your favorite applications are front and center on the 3” high-resolution touchscreen. By touching “change rooms” on the remote, you control, monitor, and adjust anything you want. It is an easy, yet powerful and highly sophisticated, platform that lets you take complete control of your home.

A True Leader in the Home Automation Industry

Due to Control4’s reputation for excellence, other companies have joined their ranks, such as SnapAV and Pakedge. Control4 also works with more third-party companies than any other platform. This makes Control4 even more appealing for their customers. Why? The company has professional partnerships, expertise, and all the components needed to set up a smart house. And unlike home automation systems like Savant, Control4 lets homeowners integrate some of their favorite smart home products.

Since C4 now owns Pakedge, a leader in enterprise-network solutions, they allow integrators like Digital Home Systems to create comprehensive networking foundations while offering remote monitoring of your system 24 hours a day.

Thanks to C4’s acquisition of SnapAV, they now offer robust media distribution capabilities as well as award-winning customer support. The merger of these two companies gives customers access to even more product catalogs while minimizing costs for the consumer.

It Is All in the CHIPs

The CHIP is where the brains of the smart home are located. But not all CHIPs play well with other products and sometimes communication breaks down when third-party products are used.

However, Control4 has excellent relationships with other product manufacturers. Additionally, they produce their own CHIPs – making integration seamless and trouble-free. Their CHIPs allow different devices, such as lighting controls and automated door locks, to natively communicate with each other so the consumer can mix and match hardware – even those from different vendors if necessary.

Control4 vs. Savant: Who Is Better?

Isn’t it obvious by now? Although Savant offers some noteworthy automation solutions, they simply cannot compete when it comes to C4’s versatility, industry expertise, expansive product offerings, and user-friendly application. Control4’s solutions work flawlessly and feature more customization options based on the customer’s needs. Due to their acquisitions of other top companies in their industry, they are ahead of the trends. So, you always know you’re getting the latest and greatest products on the market. Savant doesn’t have as many industry partners, so they have fewer product offerings.

You will find that Control4 offers the perfect blend of cost-effectiveness, intuitive controls, speed, and versatility. If you’d like to watch some helpful instructional videos about the Control4 OS3 system, visit our tutorials page.


Make your home smarter than ever before by installing a Control4 system. For more information about C4 and their new OS3 automation platform, call Digital Home Systems at (914) 939-7000 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We proudly serve customers in Greenwich, CT, and the surrounding area.

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