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A Smart Home Monitoring System Brings Peace of Mind

A living room with a Control4 home automation platform on the flat-screen TV display.

Ensure Seamless Operations with 24/7 Remote Monitoring for Smart Homes

A smart home offers incredible convenience and a luxury lifestyle beyond compare. One tap on a designated touchscreen can change the lighting, shades, and climate in one room or an entire home. This same touchscreen reveals what doors are locked, let’s homeowners view their live security camera feed, and offers a comprehensive entertainment selection from choosing your favorite music playlist to the latest Netflix series. 

These home automation platforms and the systems they control carry tremendous responsibility. It’s one thing to experience trouble with your outdoor TV. It’s quite another to find your smart door locks not responding.

Fortunately, a smart home monitoring system can keep an eye on your connected devices 24/7, ensuring your home retains complete functionality and catching any glitches before you even know they exist. They're there for you should a problem occur, 365 days a year, any time of day. 

At Digital Home Systems, we’ve been committed to providing superior customer service and ensuring an exceptional client experience for over 22 years. To support us in this endeavor, we partner with Parasol, a leading remote monitoring service for intelligent homes. Let’s look at what they offer and why their services bring peace of mind to our clients in Greenwich, CT.

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The Makings of a Smart Home

At its most basic, the home automation platform is the brains behind your smart home. All of your smart devices and systems connect to this platform and to each other via the internet. Should a home’s network go down for any reason, so does the system.

Your lighting, shading, HVAC, audio, and video depend on the home network, making a reliable and fast internet with enterprise-grade networking solutions the cornerstone of today’s smart home.

Proactive Vs. Reactive Support

Parasol offers 24/7 proactive support, monitoring technology systems, and troubleshooting potential issues remotely, in many instances, before a problem arises. Homeowners can speak to remote support specialists via phone, text, email, or chat, regardless of their location or time of day. This service offers a convenient method for communicating with knowledgeable networking technicians and smart home programmers. Vetted and cleared with the highest possible background checks, you’re ensured privacy and security.

About 85% of issues are solved in one interaction. In addition, you’ll receive a discounted service call rate in the rare case of requiring onsite support.

A Smart Home App

The monitoring system comes with a mobile app that allows homeowners to quickly fix many minor issues technology systems sometimes experience. The app is a resource to solve minor problems to get your smart home back on track quickly or determine that you need support. 

Digital Home Systems is excited to partner with Parasol and offer this level of support to existing clients and those just entering the exciting world of home automation. To learn more about an intelligent home monitoring system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Digital Home Systems today.

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