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Enjoy More Luxury And Control With A Home Automation Company


A home automation company can bring more comfort to your Greenwich, Connecticut home with smart technology and devices.

Home is the place where comfort and luxury should reign supreme. A home automation company like Digital Home Systems can transform your Greenwich, Connecticut residence according to your preferences. Need more security and peace of mind? Smart home surveillance can provide that. Love sports? A home media room is your new best friend. And so much more.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits that a home automation company provides. Consider the amount of time and preparation each feature needs to be included in future housing projects, so 2022 can run as efficiently as possible.

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Entertainment Of The Future

Movies, music, and sports games aren’t just ways to pass time: they provide a much-needed release and escape from the stresses of daily life. A smart home company can install a distributed audio system in any room of your home, which includes high-quality speakers that blend into the walls. Never again will bulky equipment get in the way of a good dance party!

Transform your living room into a place of media enjoyment with a large screen that provides as good of visuals as cinematic screens. Never be distracted by your theater neighbors talking or using their bright phones (add motorized shades for a truly darkened theater experience). You’ll never need to leave the house again to watch anticipated new releases when you can stream them from the comfort of your smart home.

This smart feature will require a decent-sized room suitable for a larger-than-usual screen, and perhaps reclining chairs, which is important to keep in mind while designing a home’s gathering spaces. Because this space will involve the most technological detail, it’s important to decide early on in design plans so these features can be implemented in the drywall (this prevents having to take down completed walls later).

A Comfortable Climate 24/7

Whatever the weather reports predict outside the home, inside can always be comfortable in any season with climate control. Easily keep temperatures uniform throughout the house, or make sure certain rooms are kept warmer or cooler depending on how much sun they get. Smart sensors and automated purification systems manage humidity levels and can easily be set on an app on your smartphone or tablet. A home automation company will add details of interior wiring placement for such a feature into design plans.

Peace Of Mind, All The Time

Protect your home from intruders with a complete security system that can send notifications to your phone if suspicious activity is detected by outdoor cameras. You can even be notified of potential dangers happening inside your home, such as a pipe bursting or a gas leak. A smart home can warn you of danger before it escalates, allowing you to contact authorities in time to save a good deal of stress and money.

Some homeowners may want their security cameras concealed, while others might want them to be seen as a deterrent to would-be burglars. Consider unique “safe spots” for cameras around the house as you plan your designs. We recommend working with a home automation company that provides ongoing maintenance to ensure all your security components are working as planned.

Book Your Project For The New Year

Technological advances are making their way to new Greenwich, Connecticut home builds. Having technology as an organic part of the planning and design process of your project (large or small) needs to be done early, as opposed to an afterthought. Home automation is no different than other renovation plans for your home. Therefore, integrate your ideas early on with your home builder for ease of use, performance, lifestyle, and aesthetics.

Digital Home Systems can not only make tech beautiful, but also make it invisible and transparent. As the supply chain returns to normal, we will be planning projects for 2022 and beyond.

Upgrade Your Home Today

Take advantage of all that smart technology has to offer by working with a home automation company. Contact us today to get started. We can’t wait to work with you.

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