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Consider an Ultra Short Throw Projector for Your Home Theater


Ultra Short Throw Projectors Offer Large High-Quality Images at Reduced Costs

Advances in technology have made the seemingly impossible more real than we could have even imagined just over a decade ago. For example, TVs were massively heavy at one time, and the pictures on the first plasma TVs were pixilated and distorted, not to mention the price tag–$25,000 for a 50”.

Now, our home theaters are luxurious and unique settings, designed for each homeowner, with pictures and sound that rival best-in-class theaters. One of the more recent technology-impacted equipment we regularly install in our Rye, NY home theaters is the ultra-short throw projector.

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What Is an Ultra Short Throw Projector?

The problem with most traditional home theater projectors is that you need a lot of space to project a large image and very dark rooms. The key to an ultra short throw (UST) projector’s success is its very wide-angle lens, which allows it to be placed just inches away from the screen. These projectors also feature 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) that deliver a bright, colorful, high-quality image up to 150-inches diagonally.

LG, Epson, Sony, and Samsung have all entered the UST market, using LCD or LCoS technology with lasers. When combined with an ambient-light-rejecting screen, you have everything you need for a true flagship experience that delivers superb picture quality in a variety of light settings. One of their best features is their price point which lets you save thousands of dollars compared to the cost of a 100” 4K HDR TV.

How Does a UST Compare to a 4K HDR TV?

It’s not just the price of the UST that appeals to clients; it’s also the larger image. Even the biggest TV screens can’t rival a 120” projected image. Once you experience this type of movie-theater-like image and scope, it’s hard to go back to an 85” TV screen.

Of course, every homeowner has unique needs. For example, do they want to design a designated windowless home theater room or a multi-use media room? Or maybe their family room will also serve as movie night central. Ultra-short throw projectors are better than traditional ones for these multi-purpose environments since they tend to deliver brighter images that perform better in ambient lighting.

It’s for this reason that our certified technicians and project managers take the time to understand our client’s lifestyles and what technology and automation would truly serve their needs and make their life a little sweeter.

One-Touch Control

When you link your dedicated home theater to your Control4 smart home system, you receive unparalleled ease of living and enjoyment of your home and theater. For example, set a “Movie” scene and, with one touch on your tablet or smartphone, the projector starts the movie, the sound fills the room, the lights dim, and the room adjusts to the ideal temperature for your film viewing pleasure. When combined with an audio solution that immerses viewers in surround sound, you’ll experience home theater at its best.


To view and experience it first hand, visit our Control4 certified showroom and see our ultimate home theater set up with an LG ultra short throw projector. We look forward to your visit. To schedule a weekend appointment or set up a complimentary consultation, call Digital Home Systems today.

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