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Bring the Immersive Home Entertainment Experience to Any Room

Two people watching a movie via a Samsung short throw projector.

A Short Throw Projector Offers Brilliant Images at a Short Range

There was a time when homeowners required large, expansive rooms for the big screen experience. However, we’re happy to report that times have changed, and the technology used to make it happen continues to transform. At Digital Home Systems, we’ve been serving Darien, CT, and the surrounding communities for nearly 25 years. As audio, video, and technology enthusiasts, we create home entertainment systems that rival commercial venues. And today's short throw projectors help us do that. 

These projectors offer incredible lifelike images from much shorter distances. Let's explore how we integrate this technology into living rooms, dens, and media rooms, creating the immersive experience homeowners increasingly demand from their home entertainment. 

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Immersive Entertainment in Any Size Room

The throw distance refers to the distance from the projector to the screen. A short throw projector requires about 3 to 8 feet, while ultra-short throw (UST) projectors need only several inches to 4 feet. Using this technology, we can turn virtually any room into a captivating entertainment space, no matter the size.

These systems offer an ideal setup in multi-use spaces. Rooms where families entertain, play games, relax, and enjoy Friday movie nights can easily do double or quadruple duty. They no longer need a large 4K HDR flat-screen TV for the ultimate entertainment. Now, all they require is a blank wall, retractable screen, and hidden UST or short throw projector. 

The Short Throw Projector Experience

At Digital Home Systems, we partner with numerous industry leaders in home entertainment. Just a few of these trusted and top-end brands include Sony, Epsom, LG, and Samsung. We’re also an authorized Control4 Diamond dealer, which means we can tie your entertainment system into easy-to-use automation, enabling one-touch control. 

The result is 4K Ultra HD images providing brilliant colors, vivid detail, and lifelike high dynamic range. These images derive from projectors hidden in special media cabinets and reach 100 to 120 inches. These projectors are also designed for rooms with ambient light, boasting incredible brightness.

Managing Your Home Entertainment

Of course, the best technology will lay dormant if it’s not easy to use. Our AV and automation experts can program settings customized to your unique needs. For instance, if you regularly watch movies with the family on the weekends, we’ll program a ‘Movie Night’ button that lowers the screen, brings out the projector, and turns it on, along with the hidden in-ceiling speakers. 

At the same time, the lights dim and the blackout shades lower, creating an incredible home entertainment experience. We can set the stage for virtually any activity, from relaxing with nature scenes and surround sound to entertaining friends and business associates, watching a live sporting event, gaming, and streaming your favorite series. 

Are you ready to take your home entertainment to the next level? We’re excited to help you get there. To learn more about the many options in short throw projectors or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Digital Home Systems today.

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