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The Science and Skill Behind Home Theater Design


It’s more than buying any screen and set of speakers: quality theater design is a specified art form.

If your Fairfield County, New York home feels like it’s missing something, it could be your own personal home theater design. We at Digital Home Systems put the ultimate movie experience right in your own home, effectively removing all the hassles of typical cinemas. No more missing the movie if you have to get up to use the restroom. No more long ticket lines or dealing with moviegoers talking throughout the film. In your home, you call the shots, making the watching experience that much more enjoyable.

Read on to learn more about how you can create your own custom-designed home theater, and why Digital Home Systems provides a truly distinctive audiovisual experience.

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Intricate Design Details That Matter

There is so much more to home theater design than you think: it’s not merely installing a large screen on the wall, adding some reclining chairs, and calling it good. Believe it or not, home theater design is both an art form and a scientific process.

Physics plays a role in making sure that the sight and sound quality is just as good as what you would experience in traditional cinemas. You simply can’t just go to a store and purchase a screen, projector, and speakers and expect the same experience. When it comes to quality home theater design, we consider all the details to optimize performance.

For the projector alone, we need to consider its light output and throw distance, while ensuring that the screen size matches the projector’s lens. Even the screen itself isn’t an afterthought. Throughout consideration goes into the screen material to optimize video quality depending on the ambient light in the room. As experts, we advise you on the latest projection technology for your home—like ultra-short throw projectors ideal for smaller spaces.

The placement of sound speakers for immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound is also important so everyone has equal hearing access no matter where they’re sitting. Additional acoustic treatments such as absorbent panels affect the way an audience receives sound effects.

Finally, we even work with dedicated home theater seating manufacturers. These not only make all-Sunday football marathons comfortable, but they’re expertly designed to not interfere with the theater’s overall sound quality.

Quality Home Theater Design For Real People

Digital Home Systems takes great care to provide unique products and experiences that maximize every bit of what our customers spend. Recently, we installed a home theater for a family that regularly hosts family gatherings that include young children. Our home theater design allowed for them to experience not just quality films, but another outlet for quality time spent with people they love. All while being easy to use and not interfering with the home’s unique décor. You too can experience something similar in your home.

Add Home Theater Design to Your Home Today

Films have the ability to both entertain and bring people together. Are you ready to add a home theater to your home? Contact us today to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you.

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