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How Home Lighting Automation Improves On Interior Design


Learn more about the intersection between home lighting and interior design

Home integration is more than just new and exciting technology. Home lighting automation from Digital Home Systems should converge organically with the interior design process for Fairfield County, New York homes.

Just as you can choose a color scheme for your living room with furniture and wall art, you can do the same with automated shades and lighting systems. Lighting automation is about more than just dimming, instead it’s about using every tool in the arsenal—from Lutron color beam technology to outdoor automated shades—to build a home that is uniquely yours.

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A Seamless Part of Your Interior Design

You shouldn’t consider lighting automation as just another feature in your home. Instead, it should be an inherent part of your interior design process. Whether you want to add automated shades to a patio overhand to create an all-season room or add a boost to your wall colors through unique color temperatures, an integrated solution becomes a masterful tool to get the ideal décor.

Beautiful Lighting That Helps Manage Circadian Rhythms

Light does more than just help us see; it also has benefits for our physical and mental health. Waking up to natural sunlight and falling asleep as the sun fades out is actually good for our circadian rhythms, which helps us sleep.

Natural light also helps to improve focus and adds a sophisticated touch to the color scheme of your space. Harsh, artificial lighting can not only cause headaches, it can also stimulate our brains to keep us alert when we need to sleep. The wrong light can also clash with existing decor and diminish the kind of mood you want.

Intuitive circadian lighting provides light that matches the day, creating the illusion of natural light if your home isn’t positioned to get the right kind of light. Customize any room with a “palette” of RGB color schemes for any occasion, from candlelit dinners to the right accent glow for watching TV without casting a glare on the screen. Manage this with an app right from your smartphone or tablet.

Customized Automated Shades for Controlled Sunlight

Custom window treatments are another form of lighting automation, available in a wide array of colors, textures, and designs. From sheer to blackout, you can determine how much natural light you want coming through at any time of day, again from just a push of a button through your automation app. These shades may be automated, but don’t make any noise as they rise or fall. Program these shades to rise and fall in unison throughout your home for a sleek, sophisticated look as you control the amount of light illuminating your home.

As we mentioned, automated shades aren’t just good for interior decors. In fact, they can transform patios into an additional room by surrounding them with outdoor shades that drop to keep out pesky bugs, the summer heat or a cold breeze in the winter.

Upgrade Your Home Lighting Today

Balance your home with beautiful lighting and shades by installing lighting automation from Digital Home Systems. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to work with you.

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