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Why an Integrator is Vital for Your Lighting Installation


Bring a Professional Early in the Process to Ensure Greater Efficiency and Performance

We see a common theme in a lot of the lighting installations we get asked to do. A homeowner does the natural thing and discusses their lighting design with their architects and designers. A conventional plan gets put into place and construction begins, but then the homeowner realizes that they may want to add some automated features. That is often when there is a conversation about hiring a custom integrator to look at the lighting design and other smart home technologies. The majority of the time, we wish we had been brought into the design process earlier.

Now, we as the custom integrator have to recommend a number of technologies into an existing plan while hoping that the electricians have not done too much of the initial wiring. To fully integrate smart lighting features, we revise the lighting plan based on the smart lighting system the Owners choose. If we get involved after the electrician has started wiring, then the clients’ lighting choices are already significantly limited.

Getting an integrator into the process early will mean a more cohesive design and a lighting installation that meets all of your performance expectations. Below are just some of the reasons that we should be brought in from the start for any projects we work on in Greenwich, CT, or the surrounding area.SEE MORE: Explore the Comfort and Convenience of Motorized Shades by Lutron

Optimize Your Lighting Design

One of the reasons to work with an integrator from the start is to be able to reap the full benefits of a “smart” lighting system. The experts at Digital Home Systems have much more experience working with these technologies than do builders or designers. We will be able to advise you on the best control system, the networking requirements, the layout for fixtures, speakers, life safety devises. Everything, including and sometimes especially, your home aesthetics, is considered to deliver optimal performance. By creating this collaborative environment from the start, you know you will have a design that enhances your space, is easy to use, and will work efficiently for years to come. You will have a lot less, “would of, could of, should of”.

Streamline Your Lighting Installation

Save time and money from the start. Any work-order changes, whether in a new construction or retrofit project, come with high costs and delays. When we have to work our lighting automation into an existing design which has already been roughed in, it could be necessary to rewire, relocate keypads, replace certain fixtures, or simply not be able to give the client what they want. When all your key trade professionals work off the same plan that they participated in developing, it is so much easier to implement your vision.

There is also a lot more room for error as well as increased cost if you constantly make changes to the original plans. Even if we are proactive in creating as-built documentation for all changes, more moving parts increase the chance for human error. This could result in costly re-do’s and, if not caught in time, a subpar system performance.


With more than 20 years in the business, we will advise you on the best lighting installation options from the likes of Control4, Lutron, and Colorbeam. We have extensive experience managing projects with builders and designers to ensure you get a high-performance system without escalating costs. Set up a meeting with our team by calling 914-939-7000 or filling out our contact form.

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