Connect your kitchen to a French cooking school. Bring a rock concert to your teen’s bedroom. View your property while vacationing a continent away. When you live in a connected home, the possibilities are limitless.

We serve homeowners, builders, architects, and interior designers on new construction or existing home (retrofit) projects, from concept to completion.


Digital Home Systems brings security, productivity, enjoyment, and peace of mind to your home, while reflecting the highest standards of performance and aesthetics. In a systems approach we call, “Technology for Designed Environments,” our end-to-end solutions bring
one-touch simplicity to home theaters, distributed audio, security, data, communications, environmental control and interactive furniture. The hallmark of our service: resolving the conflicts between home technology and decor.


We think of technology organically–not as an afterthought. Our goal is to connect with our customers on their level, striving to understand their present technology demands, and anticipate their future needs. Only then can we match our clients’ specific lifestyle with the appropriate systems.


Smart Home Automation
Home Theatre/Media Rooms




Flat panel screens in the study, kitchen, sitting room and gym are just the start. All of our audio components and systems feature ease of operation, user-friendly interfaces and scalability.

We  bring video devices, safely, where they dared not go before, with water resistant screens for your bath, boat and outdoor living spaces. We add value to your home theatre and media rooms by employing high quality screens that are uniquely suited for high ambient light or direct sunlight conditions. Through planning and careful coordination with our clients, builders, architects and interior designers, our video systems can be seamlessly crafted into the home decor of any room using a variety of furniture and material options.

Distribute HD broadcasts, movies from your personal library and family photos to any screen in your home as easily as walking from room to room, and never miss a frame. DHS delivers a fully engineered, field-proven end-to-end digital solution for the challenges of storing and distributing copy protected and HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) media.


Music in the lap pool. Master gardening advice in the backyard.  We design and install whole home audio architecture that allows you to enjoy perfect sound, at the perfect volume, from anywhere on your property.

All of our components and systems feature ease of operation, user-friendly interfaces and scalability.  Local control is also available via iPads, iPhones or Android devices, and we can distribute speakers — hidden or not — virtually any place high quality sound matters. Our systems will even mute themselves for an incoming phone call. Smart.

Your music library and streaming selections will never be out of earshot even when you venture away from your digital paradise.  Our cloud-based systems allow you to listen to your favorite tracks anywhere on the planet, always up to-to-date and always synced!


The “smart home.” It’s where lighting, temperature control, home appliance, security and entertainment systems connect —
for the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

Create the perfect environment at home, wherever you are.

Using simple yet reliable platforms, our intuitive systems allow for control and monitoring of media, lighting, thermostats, window treatments, security & surveillance, and home appliances from the touch of a button. Customized to your lifestyle and needs, there are countless ways to enhance your environment with our home automation systems:

  • Comfort and convenience. With access from a control panel, remote, iPad, smartphone or web browser, our  systems allow you to control any aspect of your environment, from lighting, entertainment, security, and pool — any time, from any place.
  • Energy savings. Our systems can set the heating or air conditioning to an energy saving setting when the house is unoccupied, and restore it to the normal setting when you return. A simple application helps reduce your energy usage and starts saving money immediately.
  • Ambiance control. Our more sophisticated systems will automatically adjust lighting, temperature, music levels and television channels, to reflect your personal preferences — or even the preferences of individual family members — depending on who enters the room.

home theatre/media rooms

Dim the lights. Close the drapes. Let the music swell and the film begin. Does it get any better than that?  Actually, yes it does.

At Digital Home Systems, we put the ultimate movie experience at your fingertips. Think integrated touch panel remote control–to manage sound, picture, window treatments, lighting, and more–right in the console of your perfectly positioned lounge chairs. Or television screens that quietly descend from the ceiling. Our sophisticated systems are easy to operate, and can be configured with finishing touches in the full spectrum of styles and materials.

DHS will provide full design, drawings, renderings, construction and installation from the most decadent theater to the sleek simplicity of a stylized multimedia game room.  Most importantly, the room will perform as well as it looks!  Our life long experience in elite audio and video truly distinguishes us.

outdoor landscape

Bring the light and entertainment outside! Our integrated systems let you enjoy all the benefits of audio and video where ever you want.


We can transform your landscape and outdoor living space by designing and installing a beautiful landscape lighting system. We specify the finest LED products and guarantee our turn-key landscape installations with a lifetime warranty…from the transformer through to the last fixture.



Enjoy added peace of mind when one step closer to a safe, smart home! Get security and convenience with video cameras, door control and more with 24/7 monitoring.

For more than 12 years, Digital Home Systems has brought security and peace-of-mind to homeowners in the New York metropolitan area with technologically advanced home security and surveillance systems.  Designed with ease of use foremost in mind, our systems feature intuitive interface controls that make securing your home as easy as using a key chain remote.

Our new Total Connect Guardian system offers unparalleled access and control allowing you to check system status, arm or disarm alarm, lock or un-lock doors and view cameras on any computer, tablet or smartphone while you are away..

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