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Consider a Control4 Smart Home for Better Health

man adjusting the wall-mounted Control4 thermostat.

Let a Control4 Dealer Show You a More Holistic Way of Living 

Transforming your home into a smart space goes beyond technology and convenience. Enhancing your family’s overall well-being is possible thanks to Control4. The brand is a top-in-class provider of home automation solutions, elevating properties to new levels of comfort with automated lighting, climate control, security, and more, all managed via remote, tablet, voice commands, and smartphone apps.

Continue reading to learn how a Control4 dealer like Digital Home Systems can rejuvenate your Greenwich, CT, lifestyle.

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Simplify and De-Stress

Imagine it’s the end of a long day. You want to relax, but when you sit down, you wonder if you turned off the kitchen lights or locked the back door. With Control4 automation, these distracting thoughts will become things of the past because you can set schedules for lights to turn off and doors to lock. You can even activate "vacation mode" to mimic your presence whenever you’re out of town for multiple days. By automating these aspects of your life, you conserve energy and allow your mind some well-deserved peace.

Feel Cozy & Comfortable Automatically

Control4 is about making life simpler, but its innovations can also play a role in improving your physical well-being. Control4 dealers help you craft your smart home to adjust to your preferences, day and night, even when you’re not thinking about it. 

With temperature and humidity sensors, the indoor environment always feels comfortable. Shades lower if a room becomes too warm or rise if it becomes too cool. Synchronize them to operate with lighting and your HVAC system, ensuring all work together to create a home that always looks and feels great.

Enhance Sleep and Energy Levels

For years, scientists have been studying the impacts of artificial lighting on the human body. Advanced LED lighting and programming can imitate natural daylight patterns to help our bodies thrive. By utilizing color-changing and dimmable lighting solutions, you can support your circadian rhythm, leading to better sleep quality, elevated energy during the day, and a happier mood overall.

Security for Peaceful Living

Control4's innovative security tools—from surveillance cameras to intelligent door locks—proactively guard against security concerns. If any unexpected movement or activity should be detected, the system will promptly alert you. Improving your sense of safety can provide you with enormous peace of mind, which will reduce nighttime stress and allow for a better night’s sleep.


Our team has witnessed the stress-reducing impact Control4 technology brings to our clients’ daily lives. If you‘re ready to elevate your mood and your living experience, contact us here for more information about Control4 automation.

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