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Tips for Keeping Your Home Network Secure

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Ensure a Secure Digital Experience with Modern Networking Solutions from Digital Home Systems

Cybercriminals can strike any time and anywhere. Their mysterious activities keep us guessing who will be next—will it be you? Keeping your home network secure is no longer optional but essential to protecting your personal information, including health records, bank records, passwords, and more. For homeowners invested in smart home-connected solutions, keeping digital intruders out is vital. Continue reading for tips to secure your Westport, CT, home network with modern networking solutions and digital security best practices.

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Use Only Strong Passwords

While this first tip sounds simple enough, you might be surprised to learn that many people default to easily guessable passwords. But passwords are the initial defense against unauthorized access, so a strong password is critical. Choose a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and symbols. Ideally, use a longer passphrase greater than 12 characters. If you're tired of juggling hard-to-remember passwords, think about using a password manager that can securely store and create strong passwords. Remember this ultimate password tip: never reuse the same password across various platforms.

Keep Up with Regular Firmware Updates

Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to break through digital protections, so you should keep up with protection measures. Technology manufacturers frequently update their products to protect against the latest security threats. Keep an eye out for these updates. Sometimes, they’re directly delivered to your device, or you might need to visit the manufacturer's website to download them.

Wi-Fi Best Practices

Your Wi-Fi network is a gateway to all your connected devices. Work with a professional team like Digital Home Systems for secure networking solutions. Here are some other best practices:

  • Rename your network, avoiding personal identifiers
  • Activate encryption to secure the data as it travels within your network
  • If you aren't using the guest network, turn it off
  • Use the password guidelines shared earlier for your Wi-Fi password, too

Two-Factor Authentication Is Twice as Nice

Consider two-factor authentication a second security checkpoint for access to your digital accounts. Even if an intruder were to bypass your password, they’d need another verification method, like a code sent to your cell phone or email, to gain access. Implementing two-factor authentication enhances the security of your digital devices.

Consider Separate Networks

If your home has many connected devices, having them on multiple networks might be a good idea. These networks could include a guest network or one created using a router. The segregation helps because if one device were compromised, your primary network and personal information would remain safe.


Wondering if your network solutions are as secure as they could be? Contact us at Digital Home Systems for a review of your network security. Having a secure network is ultimately about keeping the bad guys out and ensuring your connected devices operate seamlessly. These tips make you one step closer to a safer digital experience in your Westport, CT, home.

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