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4 Reasons Why Control4 is Our Favorite


Explore the Ways Control4 Offers a Superior Smart Home Experience Over Savant

While researching smart home technology, you may have come upon a few brands that specialize in integrated systems. Understanding the differences between the various options can be difficult, which is why we wanted to explain why we chose to be Control4 dealers instead of working with other companies like Savant.

Although both companies offer many of the same features, Control4 delivers greater reliability, versatility and ease-of-use. Here we go a little more in-depth into how Control4 stands out from its competitors. Each month we will be expanding on this series dedicated to why Control4 is our go-to partner for our projects in Westport, CT and the surrounding areas.

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The Most Popular Home Automation Brand

No home automation company is more popular among consumers and installers than Control4. During the last four years, it has consistently increased its market share among industry professionals. It is now preferred by 68% of CEPro members compared to just 42% choosing Savant Systems in part by leveraging intuitive software, reliable hardware and strategic brand acquisitions.

After being acquired by Snap AV in 2019, Control4 is now a billion-dollar company doing business globally. Last year, its domestic sales were $300 million compared to $50 million in sales by Savant and $150 million by Crestron. Control4 has over 6,000 certified dealers and can add over ten thousand more through the Snap AV network. In comparison, Savant is estimated to have just under 3,000 dealers.

The Most Reliable Smart Home Foundation  

Most issues with smart technology do not have to do with the devices themselves, but with the network. Control4 addressed this early on by acquiring networking giants Pakedge to serve as the foundation for their smart home projects. Their driver and certification programs also ensure that a wide range of devices integrate efficiently and reliably. Savant has much more limited driver development. It has expanded its partnership with Netgear, but still has no in-house networking company to serve as the basis of their systems. 

The Most Intuitive and Versatile Solution

Very few companies deliver quite like Control4 when it comes to ease-of-use, compatibility and customization. While Savant has stuck with the same interface and a limited partner list over the years, Control4 is continually evolving.

First of all, Control4 offers the broadest range of solutions with almost 14,000 compatible devices for AV, security, climate and more. This is why we like to call it the “Swiss Army Life” of smart homes, allowing you to integrate all of your favorite devices, including Nest, Sonos and Yale smart locks.

Control4 also recently released its new OS 3 user interface, which lets homeowners prioritize their favorite rooms, devices, and more. View the status of your security or the song playing on your multi-room audio through at-a-glance features on your home screen. Enjoy this intuitive interface on dedicated touchpads, mobile apps or Control4’s NEEO remote.

Want to get more information on Control4 OS 3 and how easy it is to use? Explore the Control4 OS 3 tutorial videos on our page to see how to manage security, AV, lighting and more.

Everyone has a different way they like to interact with technology. Control4 lets you design a smart home that integrates motion sensors, voice control, elegant keypads, and more. Control4 is compatible with Siri, Google Home and Alexa.

The Best Support System in the Industry

Support is vital whenever it comes to smart home technology. Even professionally installed systems need some love and care down the line to perform at their best. Control4 uses Pakedge’s cloud management system to allow integrators to monitor your system 24/7 for issues and possible upgrades.

Often, these are resolved before you even notice any downtime. Though Savant offers some native remote management tools, none have the scope and reliability that come from the networking giants.

Whenever there is a need for a service call, Control4’s relationship with Snap AV makes them uniquely qualified logistically to provide technical support.


Do you want to embrace the best in smart home technology? Let the experts at Digital Home Systems show you the many ways Control4 transforms your lifestyle. Schedule a meeting with us by calling us at 914.939.7000 or filling out our contact form.

Be sure to check back next month for the next installment of our Control4 series, dedicated to its remote monitoring and management capabilities!

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