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Why Control4 Is Our Favorite Part 2: Remote Programming and Monitoring


Control4 Keeps You Connected to Your Technology at All Times

Control4 is the best brand on the smart home market today, easily blowing away the competition (including brands like Savant) and providing customers with high-quality home automation systems that exceed their expectations and meet needs they didn’t even know they had.

Our customers in Darien, CT and the surrounding areas love all the installations we have done with Control4 products and immediately see the benefits of Control4, including their quick and clear user interface powered by their cutting edge operating system.

One of the features that our clients appreciate most is the ability to remotely monitor their home from a distance while we monitor it in the background—here’s how that works.

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Control Your Home From Afar

One of the biggest benefits of having a home automation system is the ability to remotely monitor your home from a mobile app, not only operating your tech (like doors and lighting) from a distance, but also being able to remotely program your home while you’re away.

For example, if you work in NYC and live in the suburbs, you cannot exactly go home every time there is a problem. What if you need to let a neighbor into your house during an emergency? What if you forgot to lock the back door? What if the weather changes suddenly and you need to turn off the heat and turn on the A/C?

What if you’re out of town and realize that the programming you set for your heating and cooling needs to be changed because of changing weather? What if you want to change your lighting scenes so that your house is less vulnerable to possible thieves?

With Control4 products in place, you can do all of this and more. Control4 alerts you when something is going wrong (and alerts us too) and allows you to remotely deal with all these problems no matter where you are in the world.

If your changes might actually impact the functionality of your home, you’ll get an alert to keep you from creating a problem.

Savant can’t hold a candle to that.

Remote Monitoring From Digital Home Systems Using OvrC

Beyond putting the control in your hands, Control4 (in combination with OvrC) gives both you and us the ability to proactively deal with hardware or software issues—and it is often the case that we can fix issues without ever having to alert you.

SnapAV’s OvrC lets you remotely reset a variety of smart devices in your home if they stop working the way you expect, so you can quickly reset a router from work if the kids at home cannot get online, for example. OvrC is a great product because, in comparison to the value of all the tech in your smart home, it’s a small price to pay to keep everything running smoothly.

Control4 uses this tech to monitor and anticipate system failures and to try to prevent them before they happen. We will get an alert if something is wrong or not working as you would expect, and then we can monitor the equipment and troubleshoot remotely.

For example, if a wireless access point in your home sends us a warning that there might be a problem, then we will know and can schedule a reboot for a time more convenient to you (like the middle of the night).

Is there still an issue? We will send out a member of our team to fix the problem—you will not even have to call us most of the time, saving you unnecessary service calls (and money). This is built directly into Control4’s architecture—service that is going to save you money in the long run.

It is important to note that Control4 only monitors the functionality of your equipment, not your data, so we never have access to your home’s private data or how you use your devices. We just see if your home needs system upgrades, for example, and can send those remotely (whereas some systems like Crestron might require you to pay for a system upgrade).

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned to this series—in our next blog post, we’re going to talk about R&D and integration.

Read the previous post on why we love Control4 here.


If you want to learn more about Control4 and their home automation solutions, reach out to one of our experts. Set up a consultation with our team by calling 914-939-7000 or filling out our contact form.

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4 Reasons Why Control4 is Our Favorite




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