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A home theater with a large movie screen, Sony projector, and plush chaise lounges.


Do you remember the last time you visited one of the great cinemas in Rye, NY, or the surrounding areas? While the immense screen with brilliant colors and lifelike images was undoubtedly part of the immersive movie experience, in many ways, it was the sound that left you captivated. From the dramatic music to the rumbling explosions, the surround sound system transcends the senses and makes the immersive illusion possible. 

Imagine you’re watching a movie, and you can hear the twigs snapping behind you and the leaves rustling in the trees. If done correctly, the sound of soft footsteps and a sudden collision create a sensory experience that suspends your disbelief and allows you to lose yourself in the moment. Today, thanks to advanced technology, you can have that same experience in your home theater. 

Let’s explore the possibilities and the latest surround sound technology.

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Dolby Atmos is today’s standard for home theater surround sound systems. It simulates a three-dimensional audio environment through object-based sound technology, surrounding you in an immersive sound field. This is accomplished by professional audio mixers that treat sound as an object, placing it anywhere within this field. Dolby Atmos allows up to 128 distinct sound objects per scene, creating a sphere of sound that envelops you in the most realistic audio you could ever imagine. 

These audio objects can move around in space, no longer limited to fixed points. Now, you can hear the helicopter take off in front of you, hover above you, and continue behind you. 


To create this audio experience, we install in-wall and in-ceiling high-performance speakers. Dolby Atmos-enabled upward-firing speakers can also deliver the required height channels. Add an AV receiver with Dolby technology, and you experience an immersive 360-degree sound field that turns your home theater into a powerful multimedia experience.

You’re in the middle of what’s unfolding onscreen, and audio is the key sensation required to pull you into the story, increasing the emotional connections. Our audio experts also incorporate at least one subwoofer that delivers the full dynamic impact of the low-frequency effects and deepest bass. To create a convincing experience, the audio system must accurately reproduce all instruments, voices, and sound effects and place them in their appropriate locations.


To ensure the optimum experience, our specialists also take a deep dive into the room's acoustics. We’ll determine the types of acoustic treatments needed, from bass traps to foam and fabric-covered panels, to ensure everyone experiences the sweet spot no matter where they're sitting.

For many people, these rooms also double as spaces to enjoy their favorite music, immerse themselves in nature's healing images and sounds, and rendezvous with friends and family for a video game showdown or to watch the latest sporting event.

Are you ready for the ultimate home theater experience? Our AV and automation experts at Digital Home Systems design and install custom solutions, creating entertainment spaces that become the favorite room in the home. To learn more about the latest surround sound system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Digital Home Systems today.

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