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Enhance Your House with Home Automation


A Home Automation Company Combines Luxury and Convenience to Bring You the Best in Entertainment and Control

Home automation is more than a collection of technologies; it is an integrated ecosystem that brings the luxury and convenience of complete control.  Connecting entertainment, environmental management, and security to bring you peace of mind.

Whether you revel in whole-home audio, the home theater experience, ensuring every aspect of family and property are protected, or lighting the can improve wellness, a home automation company has a lot to offer.

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Of Sound And Vision

Entertainment is an important part of home life. Music and movies help us shrug off the day’s stress, give energy to the moment, or inspire creativity. 

distributed audio system provides the right background, filling rooms with your music from carefully calibrated speakers that blend into the walls without disturbing the decor. Each room can have different audio, giving the kids dance music to kick it within the den and more subtle songs from your curated collection to foster conversation for the adults.

Film has the power to transport us into different worlds with stories that make us cry, laugh, and cheer with gusto- sometimes all at the same time. The cinema experience can be brought right to your home with immersive 4K video and surround sound that places you right into the action on the screen. Enjoy first-run movies while they are in the theaters or revisit classics with quality that exceeds the best local theaters can offer.

Light Up Your Life

Light is one of the more important elements of your home, more than just guiding your way in the dark; it can set the mood, bring rhythm to your day, and transform the ambiance of a room. A lighting system can work in conjunction with natural light matching the spectrum of colors outside, bringing balance to your circadian cycles. You can bring life to the backyard at night or end the day with soft hues to ease you into finishing the day.

Shades provide more than window fashion; they can contribute to better quality lighting and save on energy costs.  Motorized shades, connected to sensors or programmed for the time of day, can adjust the sheers’ levels, blocking heat and putting less stress on your HVAC system.

Make your Home a Goldilocks Zone

The weather reports may show only one temperature for your area, but we all know that this can vary depending on whether you are in an open field or under a shady tree. The same is true for your home in Greenwich, CT, or the surrounding areas; it does not heat up or cool down uniformly.  Rather than rely on a single set of readings, sensors distributed around the house can manage zones, keeping a consistent temperature throughout.

Climate control is more than just managing temperature; humidity can influence our mood and general wellbeing. Automated air purification systems work to maintain the optimal 30-60 percent humidity level, minimizing allergens that could make it harder to breathe.

Safe and Secure

Your home is a sanctuary, a place where the worries of the world can be held at bay, and you can truly be yourself. A complete security system allows you peace of mind from anywhere in the world.

You can rest assured that the kids are safe in the backyard or be instantly notified when anyone approaches your front door. Unlock the garage for a delivery or a tradesperson from the bedroom or across town, allowing only the necessary access level.

Home security is more than being notified of unwanted intrusions; ensuring your home’s infrastructure is running smoothly is just as important. A home automation system can monitor for leaks in the HVAC, alert you to excessive moisture build-up in rooms with art, or warn you when the wine cellar gets too hot.


Want to take advantage of all these smart technology solutions? Reach out to Digital Home Systems, the most trusted home automation company in Greenwich, CT, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to set up a meeting with our team.

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