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Lighting That Suits You


Human-Centric Lighting Brings Ambiance, Focus, and Well-being to Your Smart Home.

Lighting is about more than illumination your way, touching every aspect of our lives.  We are evolutionarily tied to the sun’s cycles through the day and the seasons, its rhythms regulating our sleep and well being.  

A well-designed lighting installation gives you the power to set the mood, shape the look of a room, and bring ambiance inside and out. Whether helping set the pace of the day or bringing proper light to workspaces like your kitchen, a smart system makes your life efficient and effervescent.

Curious how lighting can transform your home? Read on below

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Light of your Life

Light is an essential part of our day, rising with the morning’s soft hues and transitioning through the day. The right light inspires creativity and focus; maintaining a balance between natural light and supplemental electrics fosters this throughout the day. Research has shown a direct link to better sleep and well-being and more human-centric lighting use. Using intuitive automation in your home can provide light to match the day, accentuating the light streaming into your rooms.

Our need for light extends beyond daylight; we use it to create ambiance, stimulate the senses, or set a room’s mood. Smart lighting furnishes you with the ability to transform a room at the touch of a button, bringing a spectrum of colors to your home. Customize any space with an endless palette of hues for any need. Set the kitchen in clean white for cooking while the media room retains a soft glow perfect for watching shows. 

Outdoor spaces significantly benefit from the power of controllable lighting.  Whether setting walkway lights to guide your way, alerting you to intrusion, or bringing the backyard to life for a barbeque- light alters the space as you see fit. 

Installation Simplified

The future of lighting is now. It has never been easier to install or upgrade yours. LED technology has revolutionized not just what can be done but also where.  Running on a single category cable, similar to those used for data networks, installation is quick and straightforward. Modern units require less energy to run and remain cooler than traditional luminaires.  Dispensing with the bulky thick copper cables means less waste and a smaller carbon footprint, and less impact on the environment.

Simpler wiring topology gives designers unparalleled flexibility and creativity when creating lighting plans. Fixtures can be small, allowing for more precise and focused illumination or subtly added to provide clean and even coverage. The combination of design and function satisfies the requirements of architects, interior designers, and your lifestyle.

Make your home a better place to live and work, balancing with nature, and customized to your desires with a smart home lighting installation.


Call Digital Home Systems at (914) 939-7000 or fill out our contact form to get started. We have helped homeowners in Rye, NY and the surrounding areas reach their full lighting potential.

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