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Save Energy and Reduce Costs with Home Lighting Automation

A kitchen well-lit with pendant, recessed, and under cabinet lighting.

Automated Lighting Cuts Back on Electricity Usage

You may have heard about the latest smart home technology that transforms the lights in your home throughout the day, mimicking the light of the sun. Perhaps, you're interested in the ease of use and one-touch control that makes managing the lights in your home effortless. 

However, there’s another benefit, that’s not quite so well known. Did you know that home lighting automation can help you save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and decrease costs? Let’s explore this aspect of smart home lighting and how it’s reducing energy bills for homeowners in Darien, CT.

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Automated Control

One of the features our clients genuinely appreciate is the ease of control. By touching elegant in-wall keypads or touchscreens, they can turn on the lights throughout their home or in just one room. When friends are coming over for dinner, they tap the "Entertainment" icon, and the lights illuminate to the color of candlelight. 

These systems also offer automated control, such as lighting that changes based on preset schedules, the presence of someone in a room, or the amount of daylight filtering through the shades. For example, the system will automatically turn lights off when a room is unoccupied—a simple act, but one that can save a significant amount of money over time. 

As the sun moves across the sky and light filters into varying rooms, you'll notice the lights dimming, letting you (and your electric bill) take advantage of daylighting. When you walk over to the kitchen sink in the evening, the task lighting automatically illuminates as you begin to wash the dishes and turns off when you leave the area.

We can also program your lighting based on the time of day. When the sun sets, the outdoor lights provide safety and security, while the interior lights settle into a warm, soft glow that’s perfect for relaxation after dinner.  

Because you can control all of the lights in your home from one user-friendly interface, you’ll notice that you can easily dim the lights and reduce your energy consumption when your activities change. Many of our clients also switch over to highly efficient LED light sources. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, residential LEDs can use 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. 

Control from Miles Away

Home automation systems enable you to control your home wherever you are. Did a family member forget to turn some lights off when you left for vacation? Pull up the platform on your smartphone or laptop and check which lights are on, then turn them off with one tap on an icon. 

Your home can also provide an added level of security when you’re away. These systems can record “A Day in the Life at Home” and play them back when you’re away. Lights turn on and off, and shades operate on their own, making it look like your home’s occupied. 

At Digital Home Systems, we provide the latest home automation and AV solutions that enhance your everyday life, making it easier and more enjoyable. To learn more about home lighting automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Digital Home Systems today.

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