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Is Your Home Safe? Can You Trust Your Network Connection?


Your Home Security System Needs to Tackle Cyber Threats as Well

At Digital Home Systems, we design and install high-performance home security systems that keep you and your loved ones safe from intruders who seek to do you harm.

There is another type of home security system that homes in Greenwich, CT, and the surrounding area need to consider as well—the one protecting you and your family online.

In these days of working remotely and staying connected to your various social networks through technology, it is critical that you have online home security systems in place that reduce your vulnerability to cyberattacks.

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Strengthening Your Online Home Security System

The first line of defense is to use caution and common sense.

Cybersecurity agencies from around the globe are recommending vigilance in the face of sharp increases in phishing emails and other scams—attempts to trick you into handing over passwords or clicking on malicious links that lead to nefarious websites seeking to gain access to your critical data.

Experts advise everyone to be especially cautious of any emails containing the words COVID-19. Those with ill intentions are working overtime to take advantage of the heightened tension related to the global pandemic.

Changing the Default Name and Password of Your Home Network

There is also a considerable risk that a cybercriminal could exploit weak home Wi-Fi security.

One of the easiest and most important things you can do to bolster your home’s online security system is to change the out-of-the-box name and administrative password for your Wi-Fi network.

The name of your network, the SSID (Service Set Identifier) could contain clues to the manufacturer and make of your router. In the wrong hands, this information could reveal certain vulnerabilities and open the door for someone to breach your system.

Some important rules to follow:

  • Do not use a new SSID that includes your name or other personal information
  • Use a password that is entirely unique from all other passwords to protect yourself from credential stuffing (a popular hacking technique)
  • Do not provoke would-be attackers by using an attention-grabbing name like, “Can’t Touch This”

The goal is to reduce risk.

Activating Network Encryption

Using encryption is the most effective way to secure your network from outside intruders.

Encryption scrambles the information you send into a code so that it becomes more difficult for nearby attackers to gain access to your communications or steal control of your connected devices.

What is important to note is that most out-of-the-box routers do not come with the encryption capability turned on.

Be sure your network is protected by working with professional networking experts that know the best encryption options for your home

Installing a Firewall

A firewall is a network security system designed to prevent unauthorized access to your network. It controls incoming and outgoing communication based on a set of rules.

While most people think a firewall is only a software program, there are hardware versions as well, and you should consider having one installed for its extra layer of security.

External firewalls operate independently of your devices. This type of security is vital if you are working with vulnerable products like Alexa or Zoom that have been hacked in the past.

If one of your devices is hacked, the external device may still be able to detect the breach and prevent the spread of viruses and nefarious software to your other devices that could allow the attackers to monitor your communications and steal your data.

For this type of protection, we also recommended creating dedicated VLANs for more vulnerable systems like security. If a device does get hacked, intruders will only get access to that subnetwork rather than all the technology in your home.

Digital Home Systems—Help Is Available

At Digital Home Systems, we want to make sure you stay connected to your business and your social and support networks during these difficult times while staying as safe from cyber threats as possible. We hope these tips are helpful and provide you with some peace of mind during these difficult times.

You may have the technical chops to handle these security improvements yourself, but not everyone is so digitally savvy. You do not have to tackle this on your own.

Should you need assistance in ramping up your home Wi-Fi security to protect your home from cyber threats, our team of home security system experts are standing by to assist you. Fill out our contact form here.

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