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A Good Night's Sleep: How Motorized Blackout Shades Improve Your Bedroom Environment

Elegant bedroom with a contemporary design featuring a plush bed, artistic wall sconces, Asian-style artwork, and a marble wall accent.

With the power of motorized shades in Westport CT, you can transform your bedroom oasis. 

The significance of your bedroom sleep environment should be heavily considered. A serene atmosphere plays a big role in having a good night’s sleep and waking up rejuvenated. Individuals have reported sleeping better when their bedrooms are fine-tuned in terms of light, temperature, and overall comfort, studies revealed. One thing that’s often overlooked is the link between light and sleep. Read more to find out how motorized shades in Westport CT are an innovative way to produce the ideal sleep paradise. 

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The Impact of Light on Sleep

The light’s intensity in your bedroom can significantly impact whether you sleep well or not. Not only is it easier to sleep in darkness, but light also plays a pivotal role in regulating circadian rhythm–the internal clock that tips off when to be asleep and when to be awake. However, when you’re exposed to artificial light, it can result in your circadian rhythm being thrown off from the day and night schedule. 

Excessive light exposure can impede shifts between sleep cycles which can diminish your overall sleep quality. With too much light during the night, you could experience sleep cycle interruptions, repeated wakings, and less time spent in deep sleep. For the most optimal results, it’s best to sleep in a dark environment, as darkness lessens distractions and disturbances in sleep.

Traditional Window Coverings Vs. Motorized Blackout Shades

When it comes to equipping your windows with the most ideal light control, the decision to use traditional window coverings and motorized shades can substantially influence your bedroom environment. While traditional curtains and blinds can be effective, they lack the ability to achieve a truly dark space. Even more so, manual blackout shades may still give way to light gaps. With motorized blackout shades, you can reshape your light settings and get rid of any unwanted light. The convenience of motorized blackout shades not only allows for better light control but also improves privacy.

Advantages of Motorized Blackout Shades

Motorized shades enable you to open and close your shades with the simple press of a button or based on your usual schedule. Plus our shading partners at Lutron offer blackout models thicker than the traditional window treatment fabric, these shades are more efficient when it comes to blocking out unwanted light. Motorized shades are great for improving energy efficiency and play a role in creating a tranquil sleep environment. Learn more about the advantages of motorized blackout shades below.

Better Sleep

Motorized shades have unparalleled light-blocking abilities. You can adjust the settings to progressively open in the morning, allowing you to wake up peacefully instead of at a moment’s notice. 

Smart Home Integration

Motorized shades can be incorporated with smart home technology. You’ll be able to easily operate your shades, automated lights and thermostat from one place. 


Motorized shades provide a great deal of privacy. .They block out light as well as shield the inside of your home from people passing by, allowing you a more restful sleep.  

Energy Efficiency

With top-tier insulation and light control, motorized shades are a great way to decrease your electricity bill while maintaining comfort throughout the night.

Elevate Your Windows With First-Rate Motorized Shades From Digital Home Systems

If you’re ready to elevate your window shades, get in contact with us today. We offer a wide selection of the finest options. Complete our online contact form or call (914) 939-7000 to connect with our friendly and knowledgeable smart home technology team.


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