The “smart home.” It’s where lighting, temperature control, home appliance, security and entertainment systems connect —
for the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

Create the perfect environment at home, wherever you are.

Using simple yet reliable platforms, our intuitive systems allow for control and monitoring of media, lighting, thermostats, window treatments, security & surveillance, and home appliances from the touch of a button. Customized to your lifestyle and needs, there are countless ways to enhance your environment with our home automation systems:

  • Comfort and convenience. With access from a control panel, remote, iPad, smartphone or web browser, our  systems allow you to control any aspect of your environment, from lighting, entertainment, security, and pool — any time, from any place.
  • Energy savings. Our systems can set the heating or air conditioning to an energy saving setting when the house is unoccupied, and restore it to the normal setting when you return. A simple application helps reduce your energy usage and starts saving money immediately.
  • Ambiance control. Our more sophisticated systems will automatically adjust lighting, temperature, music levels and television channels, to reflect your personal preferences — or even the preferences of individual family members — depending on who enters the room.

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